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Winter Jacket

This web site is dedicated to replicating the costumes of legends: those from classic films or ones worn by iconic celebrities.
Due to interference by 'the powers that be', we have been forced to remove any and all film references in any form: art work, images or photography.
We apologize for the lack of/missing comparison photos.
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Dee's train  station dress
Gwtw4eveR replica

   train jacket CU

On left  is replica for Sarah; right is replica for Dee .

Click on small photos below to see enlargements.
All these small photos are replicas by Gwtw4eveR.

~Inquire about Life size reproductions~

If you are interested in having any  life size reproduction costumes ( gowns etc. ) please email us with your current dress size and height and the costume you are interested in replicating. We will send you back a measurement chart for fitting. We are not limited to Civil War costumes. If you would like any of the other dresses or costumes from  other films we can discuss recreating them for you.  . Please send you inquiries about life-size dresses etc. to gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net 

Gown Price

Since the figuring of the costs for one of these replicas can be time consuming taking many hours of research into current fabric costs, we will quote you the estimated charges for a few of the dresses.


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